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Square Inch Price

I charge 2 cents per square inch for most edge-to-edge designs. If it is very dense or block designs need to be placed individually, I charge 5 cents per square inch,

Example: A quilt top is 60 inches x 80 inches and quilted in an edge-to-edge design would be calculated 60 x 80 = 4800 x .025 = $96. If it is quilted with block designs the calculation would be 60 x 80 = 4800 . x05 = $240.

My minimum quilting charge is $30. This means that a small quilt or table runner's square inch price is less than $30 it will be rounded up to the $30 minimum.

Binding services are also available. Rates are 10  cents per linear inch for attaching the binding to one side; 15 cents per linear inch for attaching binding to both sides, finishing by machine; and 25 cents per linear inch for attaching binding to both sides, finishing by hand. Creating a binding from fabric you supply is a flat fee of $10.

Woman Cutting Fabric
Rates: Welcome


I use and stock my favorite Quilters Dream batting in 93" wide rolls the 80/20 cotton/poly blend (natural) and 100% bamboo,  Other batting is available, but may delay the completion of your quilt if I don't have it on hand. Other options include 120" wide of those above, and 93" or 120" wide, of 80/20 cotton/poly blend (white); 100% cotton in thin, mid, weighty and heaviest loft; 100% recycled bottles mid loft; 100% wool, and 100% polyester.  Over time I will stock additional rolls of batting.


Batting is a separate charge and is NOT included in the square inch price.

I charge for batting by the linear inch from 93" wide rolls of batting except in the case of special orders.  I will use only what is needed for your quilt (smallest side + a 5" margin) and charge per inch.

For example, if you have a 60" x 80" quilt, I would cut 65" of the 93" wide batting of your choice.                                                 

65" of 80/20 cotton/poly blend (natural)@ $0.38/in = $24.70
65" of 100% bamboo @ $0.44/in = $28.60

Rates: Welcome


I stock high quality polyester and cotton threads. I don't charge any extra fees for thread or bobbin use, it's included in your square inch price. 
My personal style attempts to match or blend thread color with the lighter areas of your quilt. But this is YOUR quilt! Let me know if you have a preference on thread color or weight, and polyester with shine or matte, or 100% cotton.

Rates: Welcome


I'm not a professional photographer but I do my best to take "nice" photos with my "good" camera! :) Upon completion of the quilting, I will take photos of your quilt in my studio and then text/email you those images to use however you would like. I'd just ask that you credit me for the photo and/or quilting if posting publicly. This extra service is included in your square inch price.

Rates: Welcome


Shipping your top and backing to me: I live in Salem, Utah, USA, and would be happy to receive your top and backing by mail if you do not live close by. I'd recommend sending your materials enclosed in some kind of sack or bag to protect against possible moisture in transit and then placed in a hard-sided cardboard box. Make sure the box is securely taped and labeled clearly. 

Return shipping: I will send your quilt back to you in the manner described above via USPS Priority mail (using flat rate when possible/economical). Priority mail comes with $100 of insurance and a tracking number but please indicate on your intake form if you would like me to buy any additional insurance on your behalf. It's a great idea to insure your valuables against loss or damage while with the Postal Service, but I don't require it.

Rates: Welcome

Other Costs

 I'm required by the State of Utah to collect a 7.17% sales tax on the batting, pantograph shared costs, and all quilting services for anyone living in the state of Utah. I do not collect sales tax for any other states. 

Rates: Welcome


After the work is complete, I will invoice you via PayPal. I really do appreciate timely payments as that enables me to mail your quilt(s) back to you right away.

Click the 'Book a Quilt' button to get started!

Rates: Welcome
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