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My name is Gwen Stott. I'm a grandmother and great grandmother, and live in Salem, Utah. I've been sewing clothes since I was about 5 years old, taught by my mother and older sisters. I've been quilting since 2020. I got my longarm in 2021 and started quilting my quilts, my daughters' quilts (I have 5 daughters) and charity quilts. My goal has been to quilt and bind one quilt top a week  for charity. By mid-2023, I've quilted about 100 quilts and absolutely loved it! My only problem is that I often don't have a quilt on my longarm and I prefer to have my machine running. My solution is to offer quilting services to others like you. I hope you'll let me help you finish your quilting projects for a win-win. Your project gets finished and my machine is kept running. Hope you have a marvelous day! Thanks for visiting!

About Me

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